Testimony: Prophetic Ministry Last month we had the honor to minister at the Christian Ministers Association, CMA Conference in Vernon. Here are some testimonies from the ministry of our School of Ministry students:

  • Found their words were right on and very confirming of things that have happened or I have a burden for. -JH

  • It was affirming and it confirmed previous prophetic words I've received. -AC

  • Good. Very confirming and very powerful. -MR

  • Accurate. They didn't realize that their words were about the past, present and future. I told them that afterwards. -RR

  • It was good. They did an awesome job. Accurate. -KR

  • Accurate, incrediable, feel the heart of God, with them, and for me. touched a deep place in your spirit and her heart. -CM

  • Totally Accurate, Very confirming to what is in my heart, really fittly spoten word to confirm what God is doing in my life right now. -BM

  • It was really peaceful and a strong sence of God. Really relaxing. There was no striving by the team to make something happen so it was good. -JG

  • Powerful and right on. It spoke deeply to me. It was an amazing summary of my life and a wonderful encouragement to keep moving forward. -BH

If you would like our students to come to your church or youth group, contact our office.

Nancy wrote: "Thank you John Paul and Streams Ministries for giving to the body of Christ. You inspire me to a deeper more intimate relationship with God."

Cindy wrote: "I'm in Awe of God.. "

Leslie wrote: "I love that word. And, as only the prophetic can be, it is always on time."

Testimony: Prophetic Words
Dear Eric and team,
I am writing to thank you for the ministry I received at the Conference last week. The prophetic words I received on Friday afternoon were very encouraging and insightful. Later, during the ministry time in the evening the girls who prayed for me showed great compassion. - JM

Hi Eric & Team
A while back a written word was mailed out in a the Partner's letter, for my wife and I .

It did bring me peace and a confidence.

The first part came to pass by that July, an unexpected error.

The second part is an inheritance from my grandmother.

Thanks for tuning in and passing it on.

Go for it. Your kindness, His kindness.
Thanks LN

"We are the pastors of Face To Face Ministries. We just had Josh and your intern students at our church for a Kor121 weekend. We would just love to give you a little feed back from our experience with your group.

The moment all the students walked through the door we could see something very different about them. We saw that everyone was very courteous and polite. They did not come in with an attitude of, "Hey we have arrived", but presented themselves with a servant heart and walked in humility. How refreshing this was. They showed great character.

They took instruction well and made every effort to help in any way they could in the church. We saw throughout the weekend an endless flow of the fruits of the spirit especially in the area of love, kindness and a real sense of unity within the group.

Although we saw all the fruit, those really stood out and again want to compliment them on great character. We love God and we are very protective of the glory that God rains down in our midst and because of the servant heart we saw in the students, we felt free to give them liberty to just move as the Spirit led them, knowing we could trust them and that Father would be glorified.

If I were John Paul, I would be very proud of them as a father and as a mentor. We saw in them qualities of maturity that we can say we have not seen in Christians who have walked the faith some longer then the students have lived. They also showed stability, and believed in themselves as Christ believes in them.

We could say more, but one other thing we saw and heard that stood out was how highly they spoke of and honor John Paul, the staff and the school. We were impressed with the quality and the character of all of the students and we know that as time goes on they will become God's greatest generals ever because they walk in His love. A stellar group!

We look forward to developing relationship with your Interns and can't wait to have them back ongoing. Thank you so much for your ministry." PB

Testimony: Richmond Night Market
May - June 2010

For the past couple of weeks our students have been going to the Richmond Night Market where they have set up a tent among many other vendors to do free dream interpretation and spiritual readings. Here are some testimonies from our students:

Second year from Switzerland

It was Saturday night around 11:30 pm, we were all pretty tired and ready to go home but then 3 people came into the tent and one of them was named Ray. Ray wanted a spiritual reading. I was on a team with David and Katie and
we spoke some words over him. I think we were all hitting upon some things that God was doing in Ray’s life.

After this Ray told us his dream: He was looking over this lake near this city. There were two sides to this lake, one side of the lake was very dark and dirty while the other side was clear and nice. He was standing in the clear side of the lake when all these fish came from the dark and dirty side to gather around him. Then he looks at the city where there is fighting or something happening and there's people being chased and hunted down. He becomes uncomfortable because of what he is seeing happening in the city and all the fish swim back to the dirty side.

We basically told Ray that what he focuses on affects the life around him. We told him that he has been given a great peace in which others are attracted to but it can be taken away by what he focuses on. In a nutshell we also told him that God is the one who gives the peace. Ray agreed with that and over all he really appreciated what we said over him. He was a really nice guy.

Second year from Alberta

I was on a team with Chaz and Katie and we had two young men named Toshi and Minsui. Toshi said he believed in ghosts. We told him that we believed the creator wanted to show him more of the light side rather than the dark side and that his eyes would be opened to seeing more of the good things in the spiritual realm. We asked him if he wanted us to ask the Creator to do this for him. His eyes widened as he said yes. We put our hands over his without touching them and when asked he felt a string pulling his hand up, but it wasn't moving. At the end he said he felt like he was on cloud 9.
We spoke over Minsui that God wants to be his safety net under the tightrope so he would not feel like he had to perform or be afraid of making mistakes. Toshi said he thought he knew who we were talking about. He said Jesus. Toshi said that he wanted to talk more with him since he hadn't really in the past and asked how he should talk with him. We told him to talk to Jesus the same way he was talking to us right now. He had a glazed/ dazed look in his eyes. We said, "You look like you're feeling pretty good right now." He said that when he came in to our tent he was feeling pressure and anxiety but now he felt really good and the anxiety was gone. We told him that God wanted to speak to him through dreams, and he said something like, "Yeah, maybe I will see Jesus in my dreams" (Yes, you probably will Toshi). We told him to come back next week to the Night Market so we could see him again. This encounter was near the end of our rainy late night, and made it all worthwhile.

Third year from Ontario

At the Night Market I wasn't in the tent sitting on team, I was on prayer which was new for me to coordinate but also really cool. It was interesting to feel the difference of when things were a bit heavier and needed more prayer and times where it was lighter and not so intense. At one point I was radioed over the walkie-talkie to pray for those in the tent as some were having a difficult time & feeling like they weren't getting anything so we started to pray. Later I went to check in at the tent to see how things were going. As I walked down the main aisle of the market it felt kind of tense and heavy. I wondered if that was how things were feeling in the tent. However, the minute I turned the corner to our tent, there was a noticeable difference in the atmosphere. It was lighter, more airy, peaceful feeling and less pressure. I got to the tent and Abby told me things were going great, more people were coming & things were flowing better. It was so interesting to physically see and feel the difference prayer makes.

Second year from Australia

The first weekend I was on a team with Chris and Sherah and two kids come in. They were around 14yrs old. The first kid had this dream that he was in a zombie take-over and he told us that in his dream it was his responsibility to save everyone. He wanted to start saving the people closest to him first like his parents). We were all thinking that this was a calling dream about his destiny but felt that he wasn't quite ready to hear it. So we told him a little bit about the dream and covered the main points to plant that seed in him. Then the next guy tells us his dream. In this dream it starts off with him as a Samurai warrior and he goes up to fight against this temple. While fighting against this temple he comes face to face with himself, only it's the bad part of him. He ends up losing and gets captured and put in a dungeon. While in the dungeon he gets saved by this person, but doesn't remember who the person was or what he looked like. He just knows that he was saved by this person. After this person saves him, he goes back in time, and fights the temple again, meeting the bad part of himself. When he fought this time he wins and ends up living beside a stream, with a white unicorn, fishing. In his dream he knew that he was 17 years old. Chris interpreted his dream and this guy was totally ready to hear it. We know that it will take him a few more years (until he is 17) but he will be a pretty amazing person when he meets Jesus! =)

Testimony: Winter Olympics Encounter This testimony is from a dream booth the students had set up for the winter Olympics:

There was a man and a woman that came with their two kids. The woman told us a dream that she had with a beautiful garden. She told us that she had a lot of dreams with this garden and went on explaining how beautiful this garden was. We first interpreted the dream as the garden was a place that God wanted to meet her in. She asked a lot of questions about God and was so fascinated that God actually answered us when we prayed to Him. She went on explaining another dream where there was a bridge going over to the garden. I then asked her what she believed in and I found out that they were Muslims. Another team member was answering her questions and I was thinking if I should go on and interpret the dream she had with the bridge in it. She seemed so open and as I was waiting for the favour she starts to tell us that she has a friend that was Muslim but now is a priest and how her friend believed that Jesus was Gods son. She asked us if we believed that and we told her that we did. I than interpreted the second dream she had with the bridge. I told her that that the bridge was Jesus and that Jesus is the way to the garden which represents God. Her and her husband were very open and we gave them homework to ask God to reveal to them who Jesus really is. We also got to interpret their sons dream. It was so cool to see the favour and how they went away so happy and blessed. They told us that they were going to seek out who God really is!

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