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Urgent Prayer Request for John Paul Posted by Streams Ministries Canada (from Streams Ministries International)

As John Paul mentioned in last month’s partner letter, he’s been having increased trouble breathing and over this past weekend we’ve started to see signs that his weakened breathing is causing vital organs to become oxygen deprived. This is causing his heart to have to work much harder to supply oxygen, and thus is causing his entire body distress.

This is not a time for fear or sadness; this is a time for spiritual battle! We’re asking for everyone with a heart full of faith to pray fervently for the following:

Pray that whatever is blocking John Paul’s lungs from receiving oxygen be removed in Jesus Name!
Pray that any fluid buildup in his lungs or anywhere else be expelled from the body.
Pray for John Paul’s heart to be strengthened.
Pray for better blood flow and oxygen to be delivered to every organ with every heart beat beginning immediately.
Pray for supernatural strength for John Paul and Diane and supernatural wisdom for the doctors and nurses assisting them.


From your Streams Family

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