Major Anouncement

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

This passage in Ecclesiastes clearly states that there is a time for seasons of life to shift. Each one of us have found ourselves in times of planting and birthing, times of sowing or times of reaping. We move through times of loss and grief and times of rejoicing and celebrating. And then there are times when things must come to an end. Streams Canada has found itself in the midst of just such a season.

Since 2015, we have been discussing necessary changes within Streams Canada after the death of John Paul. The path forward has been crystalizing over the last year and a half. With John Thomas leading Streams Ministries International (“SMI”) and it’s global ministry, we have decided that the direction forward for Streams Canada is to embrace and be part of the consolidation and restructuring of the global ministry. This process will include transitioning the courses, training and equipping resources, and online content to SMI. This will make access to resources, online content, training, and product much more efficient through one main digital information, resources and ecommerce portal.

SMI has embraced a full rebuild and has restructured the partner program and online content. The Streams Tribe has become an incredible resource of ongoing training, teaching, and equipping. The newly designed SMI website has made it easier than ever to access high quality video content designed to help your spirit grow in communion with God.

As we move into a more digital world, online classes, teaching, and material is more viable than ever. Streams will still have a presence throughout Canada that will revolve largely around Certified Streams Instructors and Teachers carrying on the mission and mandate of Streams, to restore the awe of God to the Church and help people fulfill the purpose God created them for.

In the past Streams Canada has maintained a website and ministry structure that paralleled SMI. This created duplication. Accordingly, to achieve better services and efficiencies Streams Canada will be simplifying its website and directing partners to the Streams Ministries International website to access materials, resources, online content and news. SMI’s website is

Going forward Streams Canada will focus on hosting/teaching Streams courses and facilitating outreaches throughout Canada. Streams Canada will utilize Canadian volunteers, SMI staff/resources, and qualified Streams teachers to provide courses and out reaches in Canada. Streams Canada will also continue its commitment to missions, evangelism and outreaches.

So what’s up with Joshua Hoffert?

The following is a note from Joshua that we are pleased to share with you:

With the restructuring of Streams Canada, my fulltime employment role with Streams Canada has come to an end. The last ten years with Streams Canada has seen my marriage, the birth of three children, growth into leadership and the entrance into full-time ministry. I served as an intern, a leader-in-training, the Director of Outreach, and as the Director of Ministry for Streams Canada. I came to know many of you through various courses, outreaches, events, phone calls, and emails. We have prayed for each other, prophesied over each other, and ministered one to another. You have supported my wife and I in the work of the Kingdom, and we have deeply appreciated that support. Erin and I have been blessed by the leadership of Streams Canada, John Thomas, and Streams Ministries International to launch out on our own in 2018. We have since relocated to the east coast of Canada, in Prince Edward Island, to launch Wind Ministries—a prophetic equipping/mentoring ministry. We have moved to the town Summerside, Prince Edward Island. It is the smallest city in the smallest province of Canada. Truly a time for new beginnings.

My ministry going forward will involve 3 facets:

1. I will continue to work with Streams as an independent contractor and continue to teach Streams courses (the Art of Hearing God, Understanding Dreams and Visions, and the Advanced Workshop in Dreams and Visions) as a Certified Streams Instructor.
2. I will continue to write and teach on the ancient teaching in Christian spirituality of the Desert Fathers and the Christian Mystics.
3. I will continue to support the “local church” and specifically to mentor, teach, and raise up prophetic ministry in churches across Canada.

While one season closes, another opens. Erin and I have been humbled by your support, prayers, love, and, most of all, the relationships that we have had with each and every one of you. May God bless the work of your hands and the work of Streams Canada, and may the ever-increasing, always-expanding Kingdom of God become more and more real and supernatural in your midst. If you would like to maintain contact with me, please visit my website at

With blessings and abundant love,

Joshua Hoffert

Thank you for your continued support.

In His love,

Streams Ministries Canada Society

John Thomas, President - SMI & Director of Streams Canada

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