Missisons & Outreaches

At no point in modern history has spiritual hunger been greater than right now–especially outside the church walls. But we can’t expect that hunger to always bring the lost through the doors of the church. We’ve got to go to them! Otherwise, that hunger is filled with the counterfeit–and the spiritually hungry are finding it outside the church in greater numbers than ever before.

That’s why at the very core of our spiritual DNA is the desire to do the stuff of the Kingdom of God! We honestly believe that God’s ability to enlighten is more powerful than the enemy’s ability to "en-darken". Once you truly believe that, there becomes no people group on earth who are untouchable by His Spirit working through you. One of functions of Streams is to reach those who are knowingly and unknowingly using their God-given gifts for evil, by pointing them to the One Living God.

We are actively involved in outreach to fairs, festivals, coffee shops, and the street. If you or church would like to be equipped, visit the link below.

John Paul and Streams are involved in outreach efforts to India, Poland, Russia, Honduras, Hong Kong, Africa and Israel, just to name a few. This outreach involves not only providing teaching resources and translations of courses, but leadership building and oversight of churches and ministries overseas. Streams Partners are making the difference around the world by helping us donate course and teaching materials, as well as helping us send teams to some of the spiritually darkest places on the planet.

There is a growing international desire to understand the spiritual gifts God has given us, to walk and grow in the prophetic, to study the deeper things of God, including the interpretation of dreams and visions. In 2009, John Paul returned from just such a trip. He spent eight days in Poland, where he spoke with dozens of church and ministry leaders, imparted to pastors and prayed for the sick. Ministries like Poland for Jesus, and Life and Ministry Mission Poland, view John Paul as the father of the prophetic in their country. They credit his teachings and previous mission trips there to be turning points in the development of the charismatic revival seen over the last 10 years. Our desire is for this to continue and spread. With your help, it can.
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