the Dream Labs

Whether you've been interpreting dreams for a long time or you're just starting out, the Dream Lab is a great place to learn and grow.

This is open to Streams 201 and 202 Alumni only.

Everyone is encouraged to explore what God is saying through our dreams.

Each month we get together to practice dream interpretation by interpreting each others dreams and dreams submitted to Streams Ministries.

Itís very much like a mini workshop where you can ask questions and participate.

Weíve got people who have been interpreting for many years and others who are just starting, so donít be shy. You'll be surprised by how much youíll learn (and how your dreams will increase).

The Dream Lab is also the place to come if you would like to stay up to date and get involved in the outreaches we have across Greater Vancouver and the nation. If youíve been taking the Streams courses and are wondering how to use what youíve learned to reach out, we can help.

courses.pngWe go out into the community to reach out to those that are seeking a more spiritual life or an encounter with their Creator. This is the place to learn how!

Bring a dream and expect to hear something from the Creator.

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